high hopes

Well there’s no apple pie up here (that I know of.  Because I can usually sniff them out a mile away), but this 1st blogpost of 2011 is coming to you from high in the sky (34,000ft to be exact) & it’s packed w/hope.  (If you don’t get the song reference…..She’s got hi-igh hopes.  She’s got hi-igh hopes.  She’s got high apple pie in the sky-y hopes.)

Today I packed my bags and climbed on board a plane heading for Dallas, Texas…..ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Yes, I know I shouldn’t sound so excited about it, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten to bathe or even use the bathroom without an audience in the past eight months.  The alone time is not really why I’m so excited about this short little get-away.  A few months ago I got a message on facebook from the husband of a lifelong friend (my BFF).  He said that he would love for me to come out for her 40th birthday and that even though he wasn’t certain yet of the plans, he knew the date wouldn’t change. Oh yeah, it was supposed to be a surprise.  So I started looking for tickets that would get me to Dallas for January 8th, 2011.  About the same time I started looking at tickets, my BFF accepted an education position with an anti-trafficking organization called Traffic 911.

So the week before Christmas I send a message to the BFF’s hubby and tell him that I’m in.  A few hours later the BFF calls me screaming, “My husband CANNOT keep a secret”.  And then….”I’m so excited!  The anti-trafficking townhall meeting is on Friday the 7th.  You’ll be here for it!”  I didn’t bother to mention that I still didn’t have my flight booked and that I wasn’t sure that I’d be there in time for the meeting.  I spent a couple days looking for tickets before I realized that the 7th also happened to be the night of the Cotton Bowl, which just happens to be in Dallas.  And oh, by the way.  My LSU Tigers are playing her hubby’s A&M Aggies in that game.  I knew I was supposed to be there that weekend for all the reasons listed above and additionally because the literary agency that I believe is going to have me published this year just happens to be located in Dallas.  (More on that as it unfolds.)

So on Tuesday of this week, two days before I hoped to fly out, I still had no ticket and everything I looked at was ridiculously expensive.  I read a few travel blogs that suggested looking at travelocity’s flight+hotel last minute deals.  One said that you can save an average of $250 off of booking the flight alone.  And…I did.  And….I did.  And…I got non-stop flights both directions at the exact times that I hoped to fly out.

So now I sit here on a plane, at 34,000 feet, heading into what will (without a doubt) be a weekend covered with the hand-prints of God.

Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, Jerusalem (feel free to insert your own name, but I’m replacing Jerusalem with Kaci)! Let your light shine for all to see.
For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you.

This is my verse for 2011.  I am filled with hope for what’s to come because the glory of the Lord rises just to shine on me.

2011, Show me what ya got!

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