On Friday I was shopping with Sofija and came across a huge selection of candy-scented lip-gloss, lip-balm and nail polish.  There was a box with eight different Nerds scented lip-balms.  Really?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love chomping on oddly shaped clumps of sour sugar as much as the next girl.  But I can’t really tell the difference between the smell of the grape or the watermelon and I had no clue that they actually come in eight different flavors.  I couldn’t get the box open so I bought them out of my stocking stuffer budget.  I’ll let you know on Christmas morning if there’s really any difference between wild cherry and lemon.

Speaking of….

Yesterday morning I woke up early and made breakfast for Chase before dropping him off to take the four hour entrance exam for Thomas Jefferson High School.  TJ is one of the best schools in the nation, but we’re totally leaving it in God’s hands as to whether or not he will go there.

I came home from dropping him off and began making breakfast for the rest of the family with Seth pacing the kitchen floors behind me.  I kept hearing “my wife” in his pretend, so I asked him who he plans to marry.  This question has always led to interesting answers so I found myself a little surprised when he responded with, “I don’t know.”  Seth ALWAYS has an answer.

I started going down the list of potential mates that he has vowed to wed over the past two years.  I would say a name and he would explain to me why he was certain that person just isn’t for him.  At the point where I was getting pretty impressed with his rationale “She’s not so nice to me.”  “She’s not so nice to other people.”  “She’s not a very good friend.”, I mentioned a girl from church that was the object of his affection some time ago.  Me: <girl’s name>  Seth: “I don’t know.  I’m not sure what she’s gonna look like when she grows up.  I mean, I want her to be smart and wear glasses, but I don’t want her to wear weird clothes.  You know.  I hope she’s not gonna be a nerd.”

I stopped stirring, turned to look at him, and said, “Seth, you do realize that me and Daddy and Kira and Chase are all nerds.  Don’t you?”

Seth: “WHAT!?!?!  But, I’m a cool kid.”

He then ran off for a couple of minutes.  I could hear him ranting about being stuck in a family full of nerds.  When the rant was done he returned to the kitchen and declared, “I’ve seen the light!  It’s no fun being a cool kid any more.  I’m gonna be a nerd like the rest of my family.”

So…I proudly introduce you to Nerd Mama, Nerd Tata, Nerd Kira, Nerd Chase, Nerd Seth and (future nerd) Sofija….

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