Um, remember how I said that God’s handprints were going to be evident all over this trip to Dallas?  Well….

Jeremiah 22:1-3 “God’s orders: “Go to the royal palace and deliver this Message. Say, ‘Listen to what God says,….”  “This is God’s Message: Attend to matters of justice. Set things right between people. Rescue victims from their exploiters. Don’t take advantage of the homeless, the orphans, the widows. Stop the murdering!”

Isaiah 6:8 “After this, I heard the LORD ask, “Is there anyone I can send? Will someone go for us?”

“I’ll go,” I answered. “Send me!”

In my little blogging-break over the past two months things have taken place in the Serbian adoption world that I can’t really write about.  But trust me.  They’re HUGE!  They’re the kind of things that make you slap your thigh and laugh out loud as you’re declaring that, “God is so freaking amazing!”

So Friday night, January 7th (I want to make sure that the date is documented), I climbed in a car with my BFF and her hubby and made the trek from their home to the trafficking awareness town-hall meeting.  It just so happened that we drove right past the turn to Texas Stadium and watched the crowds of LSU and Texas A&M fans making their way to what turned out to be a great football game.  Under ordinary circumstances I would have been disappointed that I was so close and not attending the game.  But this weekend has been far from ordinary.

Before the meeting began I helped with setup and then stepped to a quiet place to take care of a few real estate related phone calls.  With more than four hundred people present I did not have one single conversation before nor immediately after the event.  This may not seem strange if you do not know me, but for those who do, you’re probably going, “What?!?!”  I was asking myself and God that question.  I knew I was SUPPOSED to be there.  I knew I was SUPPOSED to make connections there.  It’s kinda hard to make connections when you don’t talk to anyone and I hadn’t managed to engage one single person in anything more than a, “Hey. How are you?” Before I could answer the, “How are you?” part, they were gone.

Note to self: Don’t ask people how they are unless you plan on actually listening to how they are.

The meeting consisted of eight panel members who represented several anti-trafficking groups and law enforcement agencies.  From my seat in the back I found that I kept focusing on this one particular woman and hearing three words over and over again.  “Go meet her.”  “Go meet her.”  “Go meet her.”  When this woman was introduced I didn’t hear anything that made me think I needed to connect with her, but those three words were playing like a broken record.  She gave a brief spiel about being a flight attendant and witnessing child trafficking on mission trips to Cambodia and the Dominican Republic.  She talked about training international flight attendants to look for trafficking since the airlines are the arteries of the international trafficking industry.  Cool speech, but I still didn’t see any connection.

As we prepared to leave and meet friends to watch the last quarter of the football game I told my BFF that I’d like to meet her boss.  Turns out that her boss was engaged in conversation and as we waited I looked to my left and saw “her” packing her things up.

I approached her and said, “Do you have any contact information?”

Her, “Are you coming to my training on the 31st?”

Me, “I don’t live here.  I live in DC.

Her, “Me too!  I just moved there.  What do you do?

Me, “I’m a realtor.”  And then I knew I had to tell her about Sofija.  “My husband and I adopted our daughter from Serbia this past April and I’m going back.”

She then slaps her thigh and says, “I just hung up the phone with Princess Katherine!  You know?  Princess Katherine and Crown Prince Alexander?  The royal family of Serbia?”

Me, “Sure?” (I’m quite certain that the scrunched up look on my brow gave away my lack of knowing who they were.)

Her, “I know!  I’m gonna train you to be my mission director and we’ll go back together.  You said you’re going back this spring, right?!  Princess Katherine wants us to do something for the orphans.”

Me, “Of course she does.” (with a hearty laugh at God’s coolness)

(somewhere in the midst of this she grabbed my hand and the BFF & I found ourselves bouncing up and down with her as she said, “Can you believe this?  God is so amazing?” ~ Why yes He is!)

Her, “She has a huge heart for children.  I know!  We can throw an Easter egg hunt on the palace lawn…..

and on and on it went.  All before she even learned my name.

And….we live about ten minutes away from one another.  And….she asked me to go with her before congress on Tuesday.  And…something at the Kennedy Center that night.

And….GOD IS SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!    And….my Tigers spanked those Aggies’ butts.

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