she ran away again…

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.15.18 PMIt’s 10 degrees outside. Sofija has a pretty yucky cold. And tonight she slipped out the back door without a jacket and in her brother’s shoes and ran towards 7eleven. Evidently she got cold and tried to go into a neighbor’s house. Our dear friend Drew was here to help search for her.  My cousin Elisa got here tonight for a three-month job as a pediatric nurse and she helped care for Sofija and helped us warm her up after the police brought her home.

She’s home.

She’s safe.

Once again, God provided and protected .

Once again He reminded me that I’m not in control and that she was His before she was mine.

That being said, we’re tired. Please pray that we get to John’s Hopkins quickly and that the therapies they are able to provide will bring peace and calm and impulse control to Sofija. She’s ridiculously intelligent and our best efforts to keep her contained just aren’t working. It’s time for God to show off.


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