running the ball…

I LOVE football! Specifically, I love LSU football. GEAUX TIGERS!! There’s a famous run from a game LSU played against Ole Miss on Halloween night 1959. LSU was losing 3-0 and Billy Cannon returned a punt 89 yards to score the only touchdown of the game and clinching a 7-3 victory for LSU. I’ve seen the video at least a hundred times. It still makes me stand up and cheer. He broke 7 tackles along the way and ran the last 60 yards untouched.

In sharp contrast to that beautiful run, I have spent the last several years of my life either catching balls in the end zone for a momentary high or taking a helmet to the gut as I desperately look for someone to pass the ball to. High highs and low lows…

If you’ve followed our story you know that back in June, a two and half year season of misery came to an end. If you haven’t followed, click this link and catch up before reading on.

We partied. We celebrated. We cried and shouted for joy. We planned for the future. It was the highest of highs.

And then, last Thursday, October 23rd, our doorbell rang. Looking at my calendar I realize now that I missed my daughter’s school physical that morning. I shouldn’t have even been home to hear the doorbell ring. But I was.

My son announced that a man and woman in business suits were standing at our door. I was still in pajamas and I yelled for him to point to this sign outside of our door and tell them to go away.

photo(26)As he opened the door they flashed badges and asked for me. They were investigators with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division. Because I was honestly curious what they wanted to talk to me about and because I can sometimes have very blonde moments, I threw on a pair of pants and hoodie and followed them to their car. If you need to pause for a moment to laugh at me or make jokes about how dumb I was at that moment, feel free to do so.

Anyway. I sat in the front seat of their car with the door propped open and my foot hanging out and asked them what they were there for. They were here to question me about my husband and when I looked over at their clipboard of questions it became perfectly clear that they were trying to find something to incriminate him. They had tons of personal information about our family and had questions typed out about every paycheck I’ve ever received and my children’s inheritance and who we communicate with. I felt violated. Since June we’ve been holding the ball and waiting to run. Those two investigators showing up rammed us in the gut with their helmets. They knocked the wind out of me.

I quickly ended the “interview” and walked away from their car trying to catch my breath.

What? On Earth? Just happened?

Once my diaphragm was able to expand again, I read through all the documentation we have confirming that the investigation is indeed over. We have this very formal letter called a declination of prosecution. It includes one paragraph that I have read over and over.

“The U.S. Army has no intention of preferring charges or taking any other adverse actions against Lieutenant Colonel CC based on the lengthy and thorough investigation completed by the Criminal Investigation Division and the Eastern District of Virginia.”

Now I’m angry. The investigators have accessed our financial information and all of our personal communications for naught. They showed up on our doorstep. They brought with them fear and doubt that I completely let go of back in June. I had a choice. I could put on the skins of fear and doubt again or I could stand firm in the truth that my husband has been exhonerated and I could take the ball that I’ve been handed and run with it.

My ball? The gift I’ve been given to score with? I can write.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been writing down every detail of our story and I’ve shared it with people that I believe will use our story to shine light in dark places.

In the last few days a couple of news articles have been released concerning the type of corruption that led to the accusations made against my husband.  If you’re curious…

I don’t know how long this run will be, but I know I’m done being sacked and I’m not going to keep waiting for someone else to pass me a ball in the end zone. My husband is an extremely honorable man. It made him physically ill to see the access that government contractors had to the general he worked for. Our prayers since the day he stepped foot in the G2 have been for darkness to be exposed. John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness,
    and the darkness can never extinguish it.

I run.

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