the windy season

Looking forward to the view that winter will bring and the new growth of spring…

Waving a White Flag

Looking out the window at the beautiful fall day, I marveled at the brisk winds as they ripped the leaves off the trees in our backyard. The sky was overcast and the winds came in harsh swirling bursts that made little tornadoes of the leaves.

Immediately after thinking how much I love the beauty of fall I realized how disconcerting the exact same weather conditions would be in any other season. But now, at this moment, they are perfect and necessary.

The leaves being ripped away are dead. They have served their purpose of providing shade from the heat of summer. They have lost their green. By falling to the ground and rotting they will fertilize the soil and provide a foundation for the new growth of spring.

Before the new growth comes, the leaves must fall.

Every last dead leaf that has shaded us from the son, must fall.

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