the trenches

I started a post a few months ago that I have yet to finish on outlining the gory details of adoption.  Adoption is not always pretty.  It is not always easy.  I would venture to say that it rarely looks the way you expect it to.  But then again, neither does biological parenting.

Adoption does however, present a set of challenges and heartaches that you can never be prepared for.

We are not capable of healing our kids’ bodies and hearts and minds, but Jesus is. We can trust him with our little families, because He is a good God and He is ever for us.”  This quote is from a post by Jen Hatmaker on the first two years their family has spent with their adopted children.  While you’re waiting for me to finish the post on the struggles and heartaches our family has faced, click THIS LINK and read her post.  It’s good and raw and honest.  It’s the kind of post that I wish I had read during our adoption journey.  Jen’s kind of honesty and transparency would not have deterred me from adopting, but it certainly would have given me a more realistic picture of what we were walking in to.

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