buying freedom

IMG_1504My first-born daughter graduated from high school.  I’ve tried to grasp the magnitude of what that means to me.  Have I taught her all she needs to know before being launched out into the big, bad world?  Have I prepared her to stand on her own two feet?  Is there any way to know the answers to those questions BEFORE she’s standing on her own two feet in the aforementioned big, bad world?

Conversation on the drive home from graduation was a little weird.  Please tell me we are not the only parents who tried to share EVERY single piece of wisdom we could conjure up on their child’s graduation day.  I’m serious.  Please comment and tell me that you did the same thing.  Because I’m pretty sure our wisdom bank accounts are completely overdrawn with all the things we blurted out in that hour-long drive.

As I looked out my window while trying to think if there was anything else I’d forgotten to tell her in the last eighteen years, we passed an old Land Rover for sale.  My thoughts quickly shifted to the fact that I’d really love to have an old 4×4 vehicle and a boat.  Being female, my thoughts then quickly moved on to the fact that earlier this year I received a small inheritance from the sale of my grandparents’ house.  Which led to…

Me: “I should have bought a jeep and a boat with my inheritance.”

Kira: “So what did you buy with your inheritance?”

Me:  “I paid off debt.”

Kira: “So you bought freedom?”

My job is done.

Proudest. Mom. Ever.

Proverbs 22:6-7  Train children in the way they should go;  when they grow old, they won’t depart from it.  The wealthy rule over the poor; a borrower is a slave to a lender.

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