precious gift…

I sat down at the table for lunch today and decided to open my Bible (it was sitting in the middle of the table).  I open it every day with no regard for the papers I have tucked between pages and inside the covers.  Today was different.  Today, I flipped it open and pulled out a card.  A card I don’t even remember receiving.  The print on the card says this….

You hold a special place in God’s heart and a special purpose in the world…

…and that makes YOU irreplaceable.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us

I John 3:1

A sweet card in it’s own right.  But what was written in it makes it a precious gift…

“Dearest Ana-Sophia,

Welcome to our family.  When I saw this card I knew right away it was meant for you.  I know you’re still young and won’t understand all I’m trying to say, but hopefully, your mama will save it for you and when you’re older you’ll know just how much God has loved you from before you were born.  I know he had your mama and tata  already picked out to carry out HIS plan for your life and I know we’ll all be much happier to have you as one of “ours”.  I will continue to hold you up in my prayers and can hardly wait to see you bloom!!  Always know that you can call on me anytime.  Give Kira, Chase, and Seth some love for me.  And be sweet to them-Love them and show them just how much you do.  I’m looking forward to June when I’ll finally be able to meet you and show you off to all your extended family.  I do love you and hope you can feel that love.

So much love, Maw Maw Bagot….

P.S.  I can hardly wait to see just how God is going to use you.  I just pray you’ll submit to His love and follow Him!!  He gave His son Jesus for you and me and all who would believe on Him – Oh, what love!!”


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