the giver

While driving home from the post office, Seth looks over at me and says, ” I think I have a curse on me with my singing.”  I very quickly responded with, “Don’t ever say that!  Curses come from the devil and gifts come from God.  Your singing is a gift.”  Seth: What other gifts did God give me?  So I started naming them and he started counting.  You’re very smart.  One.  You’re very funny.  Two.  You’re caring and loving and compassionate.  Three, four, five.  You’re very loving.  Six.  You bring people joy.  Seven.  Don’t forget about the singing.  Eight.  You’re always thoughtful. Nine.  You’re VERY handsome. Ten.  He then puts out his hand as if telling me to stop, bows his head, puts his hands together under his chin and begins to pray.

“Ten gifts.  Wow.  God, you’re the best gift-giver in the whole world.

I love you, God. (a few moments of silence)

(and then…directed at me) I heard His voice.  He said He loves me too.”

Yes.  I cried.  Once again I was reminded through my child exactly how amazing my God is.

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