the doctor

After getting everyone else off to school and work this morning, Sofija and I headed out for Bethesda.  A month ago, an appointment was scheduled for her at the developmental pediatrics office at the National Medical Center.

Last week the office sent me a stack of questionnaires to fill out prior to our arrival.  So last night Chad and I split the stack and attempted to fill them out.  What I submitted today was pretty pathetic.  I tossed one whole assessment because it was supposed to be filled out by her primary caretaker from birth to 36mos.  Uh, yeah.  Not gonna happen.  The eleven pages I did submit were pretty much just a chain of question marks and n/a’s.  My lack of knowledge concerning my child did not put me on the road this morning with the best attitude.  Making me just a little more jolly was the fact that I ignored the little voice that told me to pack her a change of clothes.  I pulled into the parking garage with no time to spare and pulled my dripping wet daughter out of the carseat.  I stopped and threw out her underwear and tried my best to dry her off.  In the process I got pee all over the questionnaires and myself.

I walked into the doctor’s office with my panty-less daughter, information-less questionnaires and the sweet smell of urine all around me.  And just to add a little icing to the cake, Sofija ran straight up to him, shook her finger in his face and began screaming, “Na more shots!  Na more shots!”.

Things had nowhere to go, but up.

I began praying while we were still in Serbia that God would send Sofija to doctors and therapists who would be ideal for meeting her needs.  Once again, God delivered.

The minute I said that she was adopted and that she’s only been in America for six weeks, he tossed the questionnaires.  He spent an hour and half with us and filled me with hope for my daughter’s future.  All of his evaluations place her at age-appropriate development.  She will undergo genetic testing, an MRI and an EEG at some point in the next two weeks and he requested that they all be done at one time, and under sedation (no shots).  Thank you, God!

He looked at her teeth and asked me if I knew about the pediatric dentistry available at the hospital and told me that they do everything under sedation and that it’s covered 100% by our health insurance.  I almost fainted.  I have beat down doors in an attempt to have Seth’s dental work done under sedation.  His teeth have cost us a small fortune and I have put off the work that he needs done right now because he has panic attacks when we even say the word ‘dentist’.  I explained all this to him and he offered to put in a referral so that Seth can have his work done there too.  We will be able to get all of their dental work done at no cost!  Thank you, God!  He also put in referrals for her ears and eyes and for a behavioral therapist to start treating her in our home.  Another big…Thank you, God!

The doctor gave me an attitude adjustment.  It doesn’t matter what I know about the first five years of my daughter’s life.  The life she has ahead of her will be blessed and I am privileged to be a part of it.

4 thoughts on “the doctor

  1. Man, I love it when God gives us doctors like this! In December I had to take my daughter from our home in Minnesota to Boston for surgery (and we’ll be going back at the end of the summer for a repeat) He is the first doctor in 13 years to be able to give us answers about the problems that have plagued her for her entire life. It felt like a breath of fresh air! And for you, not only did God bring you the right doctor for Sofija, but for Seth too! THANK YOU GOD!

  2. Julie

    Kaci, I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Every time I browse my FB and see you have added a new post I say “YAY!!” and instantly read it. I feel so “attatched” (for lack of a better word) to Sofija as I have ready every single post, followed your journey, laughed, cried, and prayed more times than I can count. I am sooo proud of you, and amazed at the remarkable job you are doing being mama to this very lucky little girl. By the way, if you are coming to the GULF COAST I would LOVE to see you.

  3. Ebony

    At first I read this feeling a little scared for what the ending would be, but praying that God knows more than the immediate circumstance! Glad he does! Amen! That had to be a big breath of fresh air for you!

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