We are supposed to be in, or at least on our way to, Baton Rouge right now.  I haven’t seen my family there in 2 years.  I miss home terribly and I would give just about anything to be in the presence of my grandmother for a day.

That being said, I still do not feel 100% healthy and the hubby has had tummy issues since he returned home from Arizona on Friday.  There’s also the issue of our budget.  You see, since we began Financial Peace University last fall, we’ve become sticklers about our budget.  Stacks of spreadsheets and budget forms have earned a permanent spot on our kitchen counters.  We are not yet debt free, but we have found financial peace by taking control of every dime that comes and goes in this house.  We have an emergency fund.  We have an adoption fund that is still a little short, but that we have faith will soon be fully funded.  We have a car fund.  What we do not have, is a vacation fund.

The common question around our house concerning any expense is, “What would Dave Ramsey say?”

I kept trying to tell myself that we would somehow make it work.  I fed the kids ramen and leftovers the entire time dear hubby was in Arizona.  I’ve driven the absolute bare minimum for the past 2 weeks.  The money I saved on groceries and gas would certainly justify a little excessive spending to see my family.  Wouldn’t it?   Yeah, Yeah, I know.

Dave Ramsey would probably turn it around and ask, “Did you budget for it?”  And the answer would be….No.

So here we are.  At our home.  Not quite the home I wanted to visit this week, but it’s still home.  It’s Monday.  It’s Spring Break.  It’s raining.  Chad and I both still feel pretty icky.  My grandmother is 1133 miles away.  And that money I saved on groceries and gas is still sitting in the bank, waiting to be applied to our debt snowball or moved to the adoption fund.

2 thoughts on “home

  1. Jack

    Family needs to come before money. I don’t know how old Grandma is, but it would be awful to miss a visit with her just because of a budget. Ramsey can be very motivating, but please don’t let that motivation rob you of something you might not get a second chance for.

    1. There is also the issue of having no one to watch our dogs and there is no room at any of the local kennels because it’s spring break. We will go in June when we can take ALL of our children with us.

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