Putting on your oxygen mask…


I love, love, love when God reminds me that it’s not “all about me” (typed with a forced smile). And that every single one of us is created in His image and have the same basic needs. I started writing a post about two weeks ago on “burnout”. Today I opened my email and found that my sister-friend Sheila Harper had written a post on the subject with words much more eloquent than most of the inappropriate ones swirling around in my head.

In the last six months I have found myself in a recurring conversation with people where I use this one illustration:

You know how when you’re about to take off in an airplane the flight attendant says something like, “If we’re crashing and the oxygen masks drop down, Mamas please put one on yourself before trying to stick one on your kids.” – paraphrased You need to be breathing yourself before you can helps someone else breathe. 

I have so much to share about our move and the blizzard and the miracles we’re watching unfold in our daughter. But today, all I have to offer is this beautiful, honest post written by Shelia. Please click one of the links (they all go to the same place) and read it.

Breathe deep, friends.

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