pain and prancercise

Two things:

1) During yesterday’s pre-op appointment I was told that someone would shave me in the operating room in preparation for my hysterectomy.  Because the idea of some young soldier shaving my nether regions while I’m under sedation seems a little violating to me, I scrambled this morning to get an appointment for a Brazilian wax.  Holy. Freakin’. Cow.  As my Grandmother would say… it hurt like the dickens.  I would offer kudos to all the women who endure that pain on a regular basis, but I think a more appropriate offering would be the number of a great therapist.  You might be a masochist if…

2) After a frenzy of surgery-prep, kid-prep, gardening, cooking, laundry, and canning, I sat down and opened my laptop.  Guess what I found?  The prancercise lady is back!  And… she has a male friend.  And horses.  You are very welcome.

Side note… thanks for praying over me, the surgical team, and my hubby and kiddos.

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