special families and “the church”

I’ve written before about my frustrations with “The Church” and it’s relationship with families that have children with special needs.  I’m not posting the links to those posts in this one because I included some raw emotions and I don’t want this to be a “bash the church” post.  Fact is: I LOVE THE CHURCH!  I love church.  I love communal worship.  I love a great sermon.  I love belonging to a group of people who share pain, victories, defeats, and faith.  I believe Proverbs 27:17 to be true.  We NEED to be surrounded by people who share our faith in order to grow!

All that being said, I do believe The Church (as a whole) has a loooong way to go in the way it cares for families in crisis.  I believe that if we as Christians are going to protest abortion, we need to support adoption and we need to support adoptive families after the fact.

Without saying anything more, I ask that you click this link and read what my friend Tara has to say on the matter.

One thought on “special families and “the church”

  1. This makes me so, so upset. I think it’s sad that this is going on but I think that shedding light on this problem and holding churches accountable is the first step. Church should be open to EVERYONE, and the reality is that children, with special needs or not, are at church for a few hours. Equipping volunteers and leaders with the tools to deal with different personalities, developmental stages and special needs should be s standard. Hopefully more posts like these can make it into more Christian magazines, conferences etc, and help give churches the tools to train their staff and their volunteers accordingly. I also think that churches need to be transparent and just say “we don’t know what to do!! Can we work together and figure out how to best serve your family!” Great post!

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