while I’m waiting…

history_wideI’m not a fan of waiting rooms.  It seems as if they’re always filled with snot-nosed kids, grownups who were never taught to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze, or people who find some pleasure airing their dirty laundry in public places.

Like it or not, I tend to spend a large portion of my life waiting on something or someone.

I think God’s okay if I replace Abraham’s name with my own. 🙂

Hebrews 6:15 Then Kaci waited patiently, and she received what God had promised.

If you missed my last post, I am currently waiting on results from a biopsy that was done on Wednesday.  At the risk of sharing a little too much information, it was a uterine biopsy.  It hurt.  It still hurts.  The specialist said that the pathology report should be back some time next week.  I really hope it’s sooner.

While I was waiting on the appointment with the specialist and then waiting for the biopsy and now waiting for the results, a couple of few things happened.

I got to spend a couple days in NYC with my firstborn.  meandmygirl mygirl

While in the Big Apple, we got some quality time with our lovely friend Mel… 🙂 usandmelAnd…. we saw Bullets over Broadway starring the talented Zach Braff…  meandzachHe exchanged witty banter with us and called me “Dear Mother”.  Feel free to use that title the next time you see me. 😉

And then today, one of my heroes tagged me in a comment on facebook.  Thank you, Jen Hatmaker for making my day.

She posted this:

“On the plane, delayed at the gate. A darling, darling baby boy is in front of me with his mom, and he was leaning over the back of the chair flirting with me AND I KISSED HIM. You guys, I am a psycho. I didn’t even mean to! What kind of a weirdo kisses someone else’s baby on a plane????? Now she has to sit near me this entire flight and act like I am not a lunatic. I really need someone to travel with me and help me not do these things.”

I commented with this:

I’m literally laughing out loud.  My autistic son once licked the back of a stranger’s neck in a movie theater “because he smelled tasty”.  Just tell them you’re on the spectrum.

And then:

“Oh my word Kaci Calvaresi, that is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Cannot quit laughing.”

So yeah, other than the achy uterus thing, I guess this waiting room isn’t too terribly bad.

3 thoughts on “while I’m waiting…

  1. Drew Clanton

    Standing with you (and Chad)… You are a daughter of Covenant, and He will be glorified by healing and fully restoring you and Chad in all areas! Totally proud to be your friend/brother and Chad’s ranger buddy. Drew

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