a month of heaven

I’ve tried doing that “30 days of thanks” thing on Facebook at least 3 out of the last five years.  I always forget about it and eventually get so far behind that I quit.  And then I feel bad.  Because honestly, I have countless things that I’m thankful for every minute of every day.  I’m just not so great at documenting those things.  And sometimes I quit things because I just have too many other things to do.

This year, much like the last few years, I have spent the first few days of December kicking myself for not publicly acknowledging all the things for which I am grateful.  I am truly blessed far beyond anything I could possibly deserve.  But all my Facebook friends probably think I’m a terribly ungrateful person.  Oh wait.  I’m not supposed to care what any of my Facebook friends think of me.  At least that’s what I keep telling my kids.

And then, today, while folding the sixth load of laundry, I had a brilliant idea…

It’s December.  It’s the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This month is ALL ABOUT HIM (or at least it should be).  Because I’m a girl and because being a girl means that my thoughts tend to run together like a plate of spaghetti; I went from thinking that this month is all about Jesus to thinking about Jesus dying on a cross, to thinking about Jesus rising again, to… I can’t wait for Easter!  Man, I hate doing laundry. I bet people have to stand around all day doing laundry in hell.  I think these pants are too short for Sofija.  Should I put them in the thrift store pile, or wait until she can try them on?  I wonder who made Jesus’ clothes??  Hey, Jesus is coming back and I get to spend eternity in heaven.  I’m SO EXCITED for heaven!

Lightbulb moment…  I’ll spend December documenting things I’m looking forward to in heaven!

Since it’s the fourth and I’m just getting started, I’m gonna go easy on myself.  I’m being realistic.  I probably won’t remember to write something every day this month and there will likely be days when I’ll think of something to write and just not have time (or motivation) to do it.  I guess you could call this a freestyle writing plan.

Here goes…

I’m SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED that there will be NO laundry in heaven!


2 thoughts on “a month of heaven

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