no more waiting…

Today is a big day.  At least my hope in today is big.  Sofija’s emotions and behaviors have been out of control for months.  It’s not constant, but the tough moments/days have far outnumbered the peaceful ones.  As her Mom, I’m spent.  I’m tired of living this hyper-vigilant life where I never know if she’s going to take off running away from me or intentionally hurt herself (or some stranger).  I’m tired of being tired because she hasn’t slept for two straight weeks which means that the rest of us haven’t either.  I’m tired of the ever-present bruises on her biceps where she bites herself throughout the day.  I could go on and on but I think you get my point.

Back in January I started looking for a psychologist/psychiatrist that might be able to help her.  I found that there are a few are Children’s National Hospital in DC who treat children with autism and “other stuff”.  They have experience with children who have autism along with PTSD and RAD and ODD.  I did everything I needed to do to get her an appointment.  We’ve had to wait for months, but today is the day.  I have no clue how they are going to help her/us, but I have high hopes.

Please pray that they have clear answers and solutions and that Sofija finds some freedom from the turmoil she’s living with.

Thanks for being on Sofija’s team!


4 thoughts on “no more waiting…

  1. Chris Ogden

    Praying for you and your family. Maybe we’ll see you at Children’s. We have an appointment with Daniel’s psychiatrist there today too!! Lord, give us strength!

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