The itching MUST stop!

Today has been long. I started two other posts that I’ve yet to finish or publish. Sofija has required nearly constant restraint in order to keep her from hurting herself or someone else in the house. We had her IEP eligibility meeting today and added “emotional disability” to her growing list of labels. I woke up before the sun with poison ivy on my right hand and left foot that is now all over my body, to include my neck and chin. No big deal, except for the fact that I have a neck ultrasound tomorrow. Which also wouldn’t be a big deal if I’d never had thyroid cancer and my thyroid hormones weren’t completely out of whack.
So, feel free to pray for me. I’m kinda miserable right now and all the itching makes it a little hard to remember that “all things work together for good”.
Very Tired & Ridiculously Itchy

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