Happy Birth Mother’s Day!

In 1990, on the Saturday before Mothers’ Day, a group of birth mothers established a day to celebrate the fact that they had given birth to children who are being mothered by someone else.  I am fortunate to have many birth mothers in my life who deserve to be honored today… Women who chose life…  Women who made the choice to give Mothers’ Day to someone else.

In 2005, a woman in Belgrade, Serbia, joined the ranks of these women.  A lady named Zorka who had previously given birth to three sons and a daughter, chose life for a little girl who would become my daughter.  My hope is that some day I will have the opportunity to thank her for that choice, that we will share a weekend of celebrating motherhood.

Thank you, Zorka, for the gift of our daughter.  Thank you for giving her life.  Thank you for choosing to let someone else mother her.

To Zorka and all the other brave birth moms in my life, Happy Birth Mother’s Day.

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