broken…. again

It has been nearly four years since I got the call from my doctor telling me that I am cancer-free.  In that four years, A LOT of living has happened.  Living is good.  God gave me life to be lived.  He healed me so that I could get busy doing the things He put me on this planet to do.  In all my living, I sometimes forget just what a big deal it is that I am healed.  I sometimes forget all that I have to be thankful for.

And then… I open my laptop and see that Roger Ebert has lost his battle with the exact same kind of cancer that I had.  And suddenly I remember.  I remember the exact moment in 2010 when I learned about his cancer and then I remember the brokenness and gratitude I experienced in the wake of that realization.  I remember that on March 10, 2010 I had a very real awakening to the gift that is my life.  So I open my blog and search.  There it is…

Thank you, God, for occasionally bringing me to my knees in remembrance of what you’ve done for me.

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