Sitting in the Charlotte airport enroute to Houston with a dozen blogpost swirling through my mind. Oh, the things you can witness in an airport bathroom…..
As I touched up my lipstick with a beautiful young girl to my right wearing a “Miss New Hampshire” sash, I overheard the following conversation…. “She asked if she could brush my hair this morning. pause. Yeah. I know. Who could blame her? It’s so long and perfect and I’m sure she ain’t never seen such a beautiful head of hair. pause. Well I gotta go. I need to bleach my teeth before I get on the plane and they’re boarding already.”
State of New Hampshire, you can relax. The vain comments did not come from the beautiful young girl representing your state. They came from the FIFTY-SOMETHING woman standing to my left. Seriously, Lady?
My bathroom experience came after the 1st leg of my flight. When I booked my ticket last night I had the option to choose my seats. For every leg except the 1st the cost of a window seat was $30+. For the 1st leg it was only $15. And…. It just so happened that 8f was open. My affinity for the number 8 (and a bargain) jumped on that seat. When I boarded the plane I found a “mature” woman “of stature” seated in 8f. Me…”8f is my seat. Mature lady…”This is 8d.” Me…”No. 8d is an aisle seat. 8f is the window.” Mature lady…”Honey, you’ll be just fine sitting on the aisle.” Seriously, Lady? Because I know I’m accountable for “respecting my elders”, I very respectfully said, “Ma’am, I paid extra to sit by the window. I’d really appreciate the opportunity to sit in the seat I paid for.”
And then… 10 minutes after takeoff… The gallon of water I drank this morning decided it was time to exit the building. Hence the bathroom break and lipstick application between Miss New Hampshire and Ms. Perfect Hair & Glowing Teeth.
Can’t wait to see what entertainment I have left to experience today!
Side-note…. I’m traveling to see my sick grandmother (MawMaw). I have a suspicion this week will be filled with rich experiences. Prayers for God’s hand to be experienced in every moment are appreciated.

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