mystery virus & marriage vows

Thirteen or fourteen years ago, while sitting in a military clinic awaiting a mole removal, I overheard my doctor reminding her nurse that she had to go get her ‘plague 2’ shot as soon as she was done seeing patients.  As she put a scalpel to my back I asked her, “What exactly is plague 2?”  Her response, “I don’t really know.  The Army just requires me to get vaccinated against it.”  That’s a quote from a doctor, folks.  Whatever plague 2 is, my husband (and every other American soldier) has been vaccinated against it numerous times throughout his 22+ years in the Army.

I can’t say if plague 2 is similar to the plague described in all those classic novels or if it’s a little more like the Ebola virus.  What I do know is that its close cousin has taken up residence in our house for the last two weeks.  While our unwelcome house-guest has made itself at home, I have composed at least half a dozen blogposts in my head.  Seeing how it’s taken every last ounce of energy for me to occasionally hit the like button on Facebook, those blogposts are still swirling around in my head.  Hopefully I’ll find the time, energy, and motivation to write more in the next few days.  In the meantime, I wanted to share a great post that I read today over at Raising Homemakers.  Kelly did an excellent job of summing up all the important stuff we wish somebody had told us about marriage in a letter to her children.  Enjoy!

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