who’s your daddy?

New obsession (yes.  I know I’m a nerd.): Studying the Hebrew names of God.

If you’ve been around me or my stimmers at any point in the last year you’ve heard the words, “Jehovah-Rapha” spoken.  If you heard that name slip through the lips of my darling baby girl, you’ve heard them screamed out repeatedly and emphatically.

Today I was challenged.  Oh, how I love a challenge!!!  I’m going to attempt to blog as I discover exactly who my daddy is. One thing I’m finding fascinating is that the 40+ Hebrew names of God all have root words that are verbs.  My conclusion is that in order to experience God in any capacity there is an action that must be taken.

I started the day trying to learn all that I could about Jehovah- Go’el.  If you’re intrigued by the heart of God or have anything in your life that needs redeeming or avenging, check back tomorrow.  Daddy Go’el just happens to be the “avenger” and “redeemer”……

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