a little brother for Axel and Angela

James 1:27  Religion that pleases God the Father must be pure and spotless. You must help needy orphans and widows and not let this world make you evil.

I have so much to write about!  Tomorrow I am hoping to catch up on this crazy 21-day journey and do a little venting and insight seeking concerning the many events of my current life.
But, tonight I need to get to sleep.  Before I do take a peek at the backs of my eyelids I wanted to challenge anyone who’s been convicted during adoption month to live out James 1:27.  Are you caring for widows and orphans?  Even if you’re not called to adopt or do not personally know someone who is called to adopt, you can still “care for orphans” by supporting those who are called.  My dear friend Leah is leaving very soon to bring home her newest son.  Can you help her family in this endeavor to save a life and grow their love?  Go read her blog and be challenged…. http://networkedblogs.com/q3uyq
As a bonus, she is giving away a great camera set to some blessed person who donates.  That blessed person just might be you!

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