day 1

I’m in pain. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. This is going to be a LONG three weeks.

I’ve had a recurring dream about Bathsheba at the end of October, for the past three years. This weekend I took note of the fact that the dream was not haunting me. This morning I was praying for God to take me where I need to be in the Bible. All I heard was 11:1:11. So… I went there. It’s 1 Kings 1:11. Guess what it’s about? If you guessed Bathsheba, you would be correct. It looks like I’ll be camped out in Jesus’ sermons and studying Bathsheba over the next three weeks.
On a side note, I need to ask a favor of any of you that communicate with me during this fast. I do not want anything spoken to me during this time that is not directly from the word of God. I’m seeking His heart and I think doing that productively means that I have to avoid conversations that are unproductive or even detrimental to what God’s cleaning up in me.
On a second side note, guess what today is? 11-1-11. Do you know the significance of this date? Actually I haven’t done any real research on the significance of all those ones, but I do know that today is the first day of Adoption Awareness Month. Yippee! For the next month I get to watch and pray for God to call people to adopt and that He will wrap his arms around those 140million orphans in this world who are waiting for their families to find them. I think I’m going to go love on my little (well, kinda little) adopted bundle of joy.
Till tomorrow…. Be Blessed!

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