You may remember that some of my favorite people in the world committed to adopt Julianna from the Ukraine several months ago.  In the months since she snagged a chunk of their hearts, God has worked miracles to bring her closer to legally being their daughter.  One big gift was to bring Julianna into their home for three weeks in July as part of a host program.  The experience was wonderful for all of them.  Within the first day there was absolutely no doubt that this precious fifteen year old girl who was born half way around the world, was destined to be a member of a family in Dallas, Texas.

I’ve come to accept that, although we can’t always understand it, sometimes miracles mean that we have to swallow a little bitter with the sweet.  The miracle of Julianna coming to America in July and having three amazing weeks to bond with her family came with the bitter pill of telling her, “goodbye” as they put her on a plane back to the Ukraine without an exact date of when they will see her again.   That was a hard day.

Julianna is now the daughter of Lisa and Jon in all but the legal sense of the word.  They are now preparing to travel to the Ukraine and bring her home before her sixteenth birthday.  In this final push to raise the money necessary, Lisa has started a Sweet Sixteen drive.  If you feel led to contribute to their adoption, they are asking for $16 donations. It’s easy to contribute…. just click here –> julianna

And… even if you can’t help bring her home financially, please support their journey prayerfully.  Each member of the family, to include Julianna, has a hurting heart right now that is longing to have them all under one roof again.

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