the promise

John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

Out of the countless promises made to us in the Bible, this one has probably had the greatest impact on me over the past two years.  I was given an up-close personal view of what it means to be an orphan.  The clearer that view became, the more I saw myself as an orphan.  I’d like to say, “It’s kinda funny how it happened”, but the truth is that it’s kinda sad.  The time I have spent observing Sofija and making correlations between her behaviors and her life as an orphan have pointed out my own coping and relationship skills that have resulted from the segments of my life where I chose to not recognize who my Father was.  For more on that segment of my journey….

Just like every other answered promise, God delivers on this one.  I’m sitting here looking at my own little former orphan sleeping on the couch next to her Daddy (Tata).  Throughout my life I’ve witnessed God deliver on this promise time and time again.  Tomorrow, He gets to show off his faithfulness once again.

You see….tomorrow is the day that my lifelong best friend will meet her daughter.  I sit on the couch (opposite the one holding my hubby and baby girl) torn between laughter and tears.  Lisa has waited a very long time for what tomorrow will bring.  It took me a little longer to grasp that holding on to my own visions prevented God from showing me His, than it took Lisa.  Since middle school I have watched in awe as she conformed to God’s plan for her life.  It has not been an easy journey, but she has walked it out with amazing grace. God’s vision for how she would receive her daughter was definitely not a vision that she, or anyone who knows her, could foresee.  And yet, it now makes total sense.  Hardship after tragedy after pain have laid a path to tomorrow.  Every difficult moment was a seed being planted to prepare a mother’s heart for loving a fifteen year old girl who lost her biological mother several years ago.

Still torn between laughter and tears, I will crawl in bed tonight and pray for sleep for the mother and child who have walked a blessed and broken road to find one another.

Welcome home, Julianna.  We’ve been waiting for you.

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