a mother

originally published May 8, 2011 at http://kacinpoint.com

In the past ten days I’ve had the privilege of witnessing just how many variations there are in the definition of a mother.  Today, in America, we celebrate Mother’s Day.  I am not with my children today and this is the fifth that I have celebrated since I lost my own Mom.  And somehow, it has not been a sad day.  It has just been a day of alternate perspective.  I have loved on children who have never known the love of a mother in the past week.  I have spoken with parents who broke the chains of social norms and kept their children with special needs when the society around them encouraged institutionalization.  I have grown to love a woman who never knew the love of a mother, yet managed to find healing through her faith that has allowed her to be an amazing mother.  I made a friend who is called to open a pregnancy counseling center that will enable other women to embrace the definition of a mother.  I have built what will undoubtedly be lifelong relationships with women who have never experienced the joy of motherhood, yet have a mother’s heart. And tomorrow….I have the honor of being a vessel in what God is doing to help children know the love of a mother in the place where my daughter was born.  If you’re up at 3am ET, your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

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