everybody makes mistakes

Seth has been full of wisdom this week.  On Tuesday he said, “Um, excuse me.  I need some help over here with my math.”  I asked, “Why?”  “I think I’m doing my long division wrong.  None of these problems have any remainders.”  After I checked each problem and assured them that they were all correct, he says, “Hmph!  I guess I’m the perfect child after all.”

Why yes you are, Seth.  We wouldn’t change a single thing about you.

Shortly before his exclamation of self-worth came one of my favorites.  Markey Mark (our behavioral therapist) was sitting on an ottoman watching baby girl sit in the corner.  Seth says, “Excuse me, Markey-Mark.  You’re sitting on my back-pack.”  MM says, “Sorry, Seth.  I didn’t see it there.”  After MM stood up, Seth grabbed his bag, patted MM’s shoulder, and said, “Its okay.  Everybody makes mistakes.”

He gets it. 

Micah 7:18-19 “Who is a God like you?
You forgive sin and overlook the rebellion of your faithful people.
You will not be angry forever, because you would rather show mercy.
You will again have compassion on us. You will overcome our wrongdoing.
You will throw all our sins into the deep sea.”

I love that last line.  “You will throw all our sins deep into the sea.”  Or how about, “You forgive sin and overlook the rebellion of your faithful people.”

We all make mistakes.

Today we did our taxes.  Let’s hope the IRS gets it too. 😉

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