So yesterday Seth climbs in the car all mopey-faced. I ask, “What’s wrong?”
He replies, “Well, nothing really.”
“It doesn’t look like nothing. You look like something is wrong. Did something happen today that you need to tell me about?”
“Well, you see. I had to write a letter to Mr. Woodburn. You know. We’re learning how to write letters. (I silently cheer on his teacher) I wrote, Dear Mr. Woodburn, and then I started writing next to the comma. Mrs. Barrow said I have to skip two lines before I start writing sentences and she made me do it over.”
“Well Seth, that’s how you are supposed to write a letter.”
“But, Mama. I kept trying to tell her that it was just a mistake and she just wouldn’t listen to me when I kept telling her that God’s grace covers ALL mistakes.”

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