where do they get this stuff?

Seth was home today with an earache so he went with me to pick up Sofija.  She had boarded the bus this morning with great disappointment over the fact that we were out of milk.  As I walked into her classroom, she looked up at me and said, “Millilk, Mama.”  She continued to say it over and over again as we walked back to Stan the Wan and loaded up.  Less than a mile from the school she became insistent.  “Look to me, Mama. Look.  To.  Me!”  Seth said, “Sofija, she can’t look at you and look at the road.  Do you want her to crash?  Sheesh!”

A mile and a dozen, “Millilks” later Sofija yells, “Mama.  When I say Millilk, it means MILLILK!”

We stopped for a gallon of milk.

We get back on the road and Sofija starts demanding it again.

Seth says (in his most authoritative voice), “Sofija, stop being demanding.  Nobody is going to meet your wants or needs if you keep demanding things.  You have to ask nicely!  Got it?  Sheesh!”

Where do they get this stuff?


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