pretty girl

Sofija walked in my room, began batting her eyelashes and saying, “Pretty, pretty Sofija.”










I thought she had gotten one of my sharpies…..

She took me to my purse and showed me that she had used my mascara.  Then….she proudly showed me her eyes AND her breakfast.


I began to snap away with my camera.  She cooperated for a brief moment.








And then informed me, “No more smile, Mama.”

She meant it.

5 thoughts on “pretty girl

  1. m

    My goodness — she is really beautiful, even when she’s making nutty faces or crying! Really a gorgeous little girl.
    I enjoyed this post; it definitely gave me a chuckle. 😉

  2. She really is a beautiful child!! Even with the mascara and the crying!
    I love the idea of the special needs swim, I’m going to suggest that to our base.


    1. Cara, check with the EFMP contact at the community services center. Ours is ACS (Army Community Services), but since you said, “base”, I’m assuming you’re Air Force. They offer swim time from 1-5 on Saturdays between September and May, they have a family bowling night once a month that is dirt cheap, and they have a pot-luck dinner where they provide entrees and planned activities for every age and ability. It’s a great source of support!
      And….thank you. She is breathtakingly beautiful. Wish I could say she got her looks from me. lol

  3. Oh, she IS so pretty! Those tears make me want to hold her. I am SO impressed with your Momma Heart! I loved the swimming pool/keep your hands to yourself post. I felt your love for your Precious Girl! Good Job, Ana! Much love and many Prayers said for Healing in your 2 little ones. Jo

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