more change

I have two blogposts that I’ve started in the past two weeks that both still need to be completed, but I feel like I need to quickly document the happenings of today.

Sofija is changing schools.  We will have her IEP meeting in the morning and she will likely start her new school on Monday.

I visited the two potential new schools today and I’m just a big ball of emotions at the moment.  The first school is right behind my office and less than a mile from Kira’s high school.  Since I’m gonna have four kids in four different schools, the idea of keeping her in the neighborhood is highly appealing.  Not only is the school very near to us, but they have an autism program with thirty students spread between five or six classrooms and there are 2-4 adults in each room at all times.  I got warm fuzzies just walking in the building and to sweeten the deal, the psychologist who has been working with Sofija, is shared with that school.  This is a HUGE deal to me.  This wonderful woman would actually provide some continuity in her day if Sofija is placed there.

The second school is a HORRIBLE fit.  It is far enough away that if Sofija was assaulting a student, I could never make it there in time to offer any assistance.  In fact, it’s far enough away that I would rarely make it there at all because my other three are all in neighborhood schools and do not receive transportation.  It is designed for students with profound disabilities.  Almost every child I saw was non-ambulatory and I kept having visions of Sofija whacking one of them or pulling them out of their wheel chair, hopping in and saying, “Let’s go for a ride!” (She actually said to a gentleman two weeks ago, “Get up!  Sofija go ride.”)  The kicker came when the director tells me and the assistant principle from her current school (who kindly drove me around town) that the average cognitive level of her students is “9-18months, but we do have a few who range up to 24-36months”.  What???  All of Sofija’s assessments were done in English and still she falls somewhere above the 3yo range.  But…they do have an indoor pool.  Sofija would probably try to drown one of those non-ambulatory students, but she would be able to go “swooming”.

I had to write about all of this because decisions are being made as I type as to where she will attend.  Please pray for wisdom on the part of the administrators, for peace for me and the Tata, and for our baby girl to be comfortable and accepting of this big transition.

Thank you!

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