the orphan

Adoption month is not until November, but I just learned about Olga and I had to share.
(Adapted from This baby girls name is
Olga. I would ask you to pray for her but it is too late for that. She
died this week. I would ask you to pray for her family as they grieve
the loss of this princess but no need…. She didn’t have any…..she was an
orphan. Olga was in need of prayer and love but she did not get that.
She was an orphan in a country that gives no value to children like her. She had no one to love her,
hold her, Cherish her, or any of the things a princess deserves. She
spent her life in an orphanage and at the ripe old age of four was
transferred to an insane asylum (Yes, they still exist.) where she only survived a few weeks. Praise God he took her home quickly after her transfer. Her starvation, neglect and abuse didn’t last too long.  Praise God she can
be the princess He made her to be now that she is in His hands.
Although I know He never left her side I can not help but wonder if God
had (adoptive)parents for Olga who simply had too much
fear to step forward. Maybe they heard one too many times the negative
remarks of family, friends, or even strangers to hear the calling to go get her and bring her home. This is why I
will NEVER shut up about the Orphan. Every child is meant to have a family. Not to die alone in an institution!

2 thoughts on “the orphan

  1. Char

    Thank you so much for this post Kac! I love that God’s surrounded me with people who’s love and passion for orphans cannot stay bottled up inside; people who aren’t afraid to be the voice for the voiceless; people who can’t afford to be quiet about injustice. I love that God sent me people like you! Keep making noise, so that other children’s circumstances won’t end as Olga’s did. Love you much Kac,


  2. Lori

    I’m a somewhat new reader to your blog… I have a mother’s heart for children (even though I have never had any of my own unfortunately) and this post just breaks my heart! What a precious, precious child! An INSANE ASYLUM?? WHY??? How can that be allowed?? (I am NOT accusing you of lying by ANY means, I am just HORRIFIED!!)
    Can single middle aged women adopt a child like Olga? I would have loved to take her home… That precious baby…
    Bless you for caring and sharing with us,

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