one less

There was a family adopting their son from Serbia on about the same time-line as ours.  They had more favor with USCIS and ended up bringing their son home a month before we were able to bring Sofija home.  The Mom blogged about their journey and she titled her blog “Throwing Starfish”  The poem Throwing Starfish has always been a hard pill for me to swallow.  I want to do it all!  Accepting that I, personally, do not have the power to mother every orphan in the world is somewhat heart-wrenching.

However, I usually get to the end of my days and wish I had just a few more minutes or hours to spend with the husband and children God has given me.

Today I stumbled across this video.  It’s Matthew West telling the story behind his new song One Less.

Once again….grab a box of tissue.

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