harsh reality

This week I had the opportunity to develop several outreach ideas for the women’s ministry at our church.  In doing so, I tried to develop global, local, and spiritual initiatives for each idea.  When presenting my ideas I was challenged.  Another woman said that she doesn’t think we should be reaching out globally when there are so many needs right here in the DC area.  I came home and pondered that thought.  She’s right.  And I do want to reach out to the local community at every possible opportunity.  But I also can’t pretend that I do not know what is happening around the world.  I may just have to make these weights my own personal missions.

Our adoption journey led me down a path where my eyes have been opened to unbelievable travesties in this world.  To be honest, I wish I was still ignorant.  I wish that I could just stick my head in the sand and pretend like I don’t know that there are parts of the world where children are treated worse than the dogs were treated at Michael Vick’s house.  I wish that I did not know that around the entire globe, children are being sold into sex slavery and that the vast majority of them will die as slaves.  I wish I did not know that there are still large portions of the world where a child with autism has no chance of ever being educated or valued.

But I do.  My eyes are open.  Tonight I read a story that I had to share.  Grab a box of tissue.  Your eyes are about to be opened too.


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