“antistic like me”

Psalm 127:3

Sons are a gift from the LORD,
children a reward from him.

Ten years ago today, I gave birth to a 9lb 11oz baby boy in Seoul, Korea.  It was awful!

I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and he was not born until Friday morning.  My due-date had been May 12th and my first two were born early, so I never expected for him to be two weeks late.  After 48 hours of every possible measure to speed up my labor, I was given a sleeping pill to take before bed on Thursday night and promised that I would be put on a pitocin drip first thing on Friday morning.

In typical bratty expectant mother fashion, I demanded that my dear husband drive to the Navy Club on the other side of the installation and pick me up an order of quesadillas, complete with jalapenos, sour cream and salsa.  Yes, I knew it was a bad idea.  However, I was roughly the size of a hippopotamus and I felt deserving.  Besides, I was about to give birth to an almost ten pound baby and he was hungry too.

Long story short…I wolfed down the quesadillas, took the sleeping pill, had a quick hot shower, climbed in bed, vomited all over myself and my water broke.  And yes, those last two did take place simultaneously.

This is where the real fun began!

It was Memorial Day weekend and the hospital was working with a skeleton crew on that Friday.  Guess what was not included in the skeleton crew?  An anesthesiologist!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it was also about 100 degrees outside.  The windows in the hospital did not open.  And…the post commander had not yet allowed the A/C to be been turned on for the summer.  It took me nine hours, but I puked my son into this world.

He is worth every horrific second of my labor and delivery.  The minute he was born, all I could think was that he was the most beautiful newborn baby I had ever seen.  I had no clue just how he would change me or impact my life.  I was handed this little person with the most beautiful eyes and nose and mouth and skin and hair and I was instantly head over heels in love with him.

Seth Joseph has changed me.  He has broken me in such a wonderful rewarding purposeful way.  From the moment I began suspecting that there was something different about him, I knew that the something was spectacular.  I have been privileged for the past decade to watch him find himself.  To watch God destroy the cage that he was born into.  I will always be his biggest advocate and his biggest fan.  He teaches me about myself and about the world and about God on a daily basis.  He has no filters.  He has a hard time blocking any of the stimuli coming in and he never blocks what’s coming out.  His truthfulness is a gift that I wish all people I encounter possessed.  His kind of honesty and wisdom could change the world.

Almost two years ago, he put his hand on my cheek and said, “Mama, maybe you’re just antistic like me.”  Son, I aspire to be antistic like you!

You are my gift and my reward.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

I’m off to bed….I’ll add pictures tomorrow.

Sofija is doing great after her surgery.  She is resting alot and watching tv (hooray!).  We had to put socks on her hands and towel around her belly for a while when the lydocaine began wearing off around her incision because she wanted to squeeze and tug on it.  Now that she can feel it though, she’s leaving it alone.  Pray for a good night’s rest!

2 thoughts on ““antistic like me”

  1. Mary Dionne

    So Happy that her surgery went well. Happy Birthday Dear Seth ! I can still remember when you would make your Star wars sound like you have a sword in our classroom. I miss you all Dearly ! Please keep on Blog about your beautiful Family !

  2. anathea

    This is beautiful. Once again you bring tears to my eyes. Happy birthday Seth and I am happy your baby girl made it through so well.

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