belly boo-boo

We had our surgical consult this morning.  Pre-op will be Monday and surgery will be Wednesday the 26th, which is also Seth’s tenth birthday.  Our choices were that day or to wait three more weeks.  It will be done out-patient though, so we will be home to celebrate with the double-digit midget in the evening.  Yes, I realize that midget is very un-pc.  Once again, he’s my son and I can compare him to those cute little tootsie rolls if I want to.

The surgeon freaked me out a little.  He kept pushing around all over her belly and he said that he could feel a mass in there.  I may sound gross, but I’m praying it’s just poo.  You are welcome to pray this with me.

On a side note, Ana Sofia responded to me in English twice in the past two days.  Yesterday I walked in the family room and asked, “Whatcha doing?”  To which she clearly replied, “Playing Barbies.”  I almost fainted.

Then today, while I was brushing her hair, she pulled her head away from me and screamed, “Mama, Leave it alone!”

She is also counting to ten and can identify the numbers when she sees them and she is trying to learn the alphabet song.

I know this isn’t really an inspiring or encouraging post, but I wanted to let everyone know what is going on with her belly so you can keep her in your prayers.  And I hope that you future adoptive Moms reading this will find some hope in just how fast my little Mowgli is learning.

2 thoughts on “belly boo-boo

  1. hi, it’s great that Ana Sofia is picking up in English 🙂 you’ve been on my mind yesterday and this morning before I got to read your post. Will do continue to pray whenever He brings you and Ana Sofia up in my mind. Been praying for healing in her stomach, that her body may expel this mass, and also wisdom for doctors to know what to do about it and the correct procedure… for Ana Sofia to sense our Saviour’s presence so much so that she would realise that she wants to have His personality, His kindness, His peace and seek to change what is within her that hasn’t conformed to Him and also recognise what is troubling her and ask for help and prayer so that she may be healed within and truly happy. Also peace, knowledge and comfort for your children so that they may be able to help Ana Sofia with her struggles and overlook any hurts with understanding. Only He can heal and restore and I am praying for this.

    Thank you for sharing, it is a difficult journey and I am praying that He will bring blessings along the way, with encouragements.

  2. Barbara

    So glad to hear that Ana Sofia is making progress and learning so quickly. Will pray that everything goes will with her surgery on the 26th and that the mass is nothing to be concerned about.

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