april fool


–verb (used without object)

to act like a fool; joke; play.
to jest; pretend; make believe: I was only fooling.
Yesterday was full of miracles.  It was also April 1st.  I have always engaged in “foolery” on April 1st and just to insure that no one thought my blog was “make believe”, I chose to wait and share our miracles today.
Three days ago I awoke to a message from USCIS.  It went like this:

“Form I-72, Request for Evidence has been issued after reviewof the home study indicated that it was not in compliance with the requirements listed by Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations 204.3 regarding special needs adoptions. Please allow for 2-3 mail service for the document to arrive to your home address.”

I’m assuming she meant 2-3 days.  It really didn’t matter.  I could not wait.  I immediately found the regulation and matched it up to our home-study.  There didn’t seem to be any discrepancy, but hey, I’m no immigration, federal-code reading expert.  I cut and pasted the code and that portion of our home-study and sent it back to her asking her to clarify exactly what was out of compliance.  The response I got was one sentence.  “have your home-study agency contact me”  No capitals.  No punctuation.  So…I called our agency, and I waited.

After 48 painstaking hours, we got a call from the agency that our amended home-study was ready.  Just before we left to pick it up and hand deliver it to USCIS, we got an email that our appointment in Belgrade is confirmed for April 14th.  We then got an email from the lovely immigration lady telling us that she will have Ana-Sophia’s visa approval, the infamous I-171h, approved and in our hands by next Tuesday.

So there…It’s no joke.  Not fooling around.  Not make believe.

In 9 days we will leave for Serbia.

In 12 days we will meet our daughter.

And…if we had been in Baton Rouge this week.  Well, our story would be different.

Now we just have to figure out where the rest of our adoption expenses will come from!

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