That’s the sound of my brain exploding if I don’t hurry up and get rid of all the clutter.  What a day!  What a week!

This weekend I got proof that my 15 year old daughter is the the most amazing teenager on the planet.  She was courageous enough to tell me something that saved another child’s life.  It’s been a tough experience for both of us and a harsh reminder of just how dark this world can be.  I tell her all the time that I would not trade her for any other 15 year old girl on the planet.  I hope she knows I mean it.

As February came to an end, we had the comfort of knowing that our dossier is in Serbia and everything on our adoption checklist is done.  We had high hopes that we would be leaving some time next week and that we would have our daughter home by Easter and her 5th birthday.  I woke up yesterday and welcomed March with  the hope that this month would make our family whole.  Today those hopes got squashed like a bug.  Our facilitator sent me a message stating that Ana-Sophia’s guardian is on “official leave” for the next 3 weeks.  She must be there for the adoption to take place.  I’m still trying to process everything, but I do have peace that we will go get her in God’s timing.  In Ecclesiastes 3 we are told that there is a time for everything and that the things that God does will last forever.  I know that throughout life, when I have attempted to make things happen in my own timing (even if it was God’s purpose), there has always been a struggle.  I know without a doubt that this is His purpose.  Now I just have to accept that it will happen in His timing.

In the very same email, a huge prayer was answered.  I blogged a while back about my disappointment in not being able to communicate with the foster family.  Today, our facilitator talked to the foster family.  They were emotional and they are having a difficult time dealing with Ana-Sophia leaving so soon.  She asked me to please write them a letter.  This has been my heart’s desire.  I have prayed for the opportunity to tell the foster mother just how much I appreciate the care and love that she is giving to my child.

I blogged before writing the letter because I’m hoping that someone will read this and pray for my letter to contain the words that she needs to hear.

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