….just because it’s fun to say.  And hey, who couldn’t use a good dose of fun in their life right now?

I read a devotion today that expanded on 2 Corinthians 11:14.  The devotion talked about how Satan uses Godly causes (and other stuff) to keep us so busy that we forget to focus on relationships with Him and those that He has placed in our lives.  The devotion was titled “The Lull of Everyday Sin”.

For the past week I’ve been very stressed out and have found myself bothered when the kids asked for help with homework or just wanted to tell me about their day.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve been caught up in the lull.

So tonight I sat in the bathtub while everyone else in the house was sleeping and I took inventory of all my “busyness” this week. While I was busy, I missed out on truly enjoying the fact that our dossier got to Serbia 3 days faster than expected.  I also missed out on enjoying the fact that we got our paperwork from USCIS (immigration) today and that once we run over to their office to be fingerprinted tomorrow, we will be done with the paper-trail that is leading us to our daughter.  I just looked across the table and realized that I missed out on sharing in Seth’s joy over doing well on a timed multiplication test.  I also missed out on Kira’s joy in making honor roll when she is taking all honors classes and her only 2 electives are Latin and orchestra.  I didn’t stop and take notice of the excitement that has been on Chase’s face all week as he anticipates having a little sister.  I also missed out on just how excited he is to be turning 13 on March the 9th.  I missed out on the emotions that Chad is dealing with as he transitions to a new job this week.  And most importantly….I missed out on God.  I can’t say that I’ve achieved one single ounce of spiritual growth this week.  Well…maybe not until tonight.

My goal for tomorrow….be a little less busy.

And maybe try to squeeze the word tutti-frutti into a conversation.

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