cabin fever

Adoption phone calls and paperwork……Check



Answer emails……Check

Write and mail birthday and thinking of you cards…….Check (and when the mail runs again they may actually get delivered)

Take care of real estate stuff……Check

Register Kira for coxswain clinic…..Check

Help Seth review multiplication facts and cursive writing…….Check

Shovel and salt all exits…….Check

Do taxes…….Check

Pay bills……..Check

Order bedding for the kids, undies for Mama and contacts……..Check

Update blog…..Check

Make a baby quilt for Alohi-lani……Check

Cabin fever has officially set in. This was either the 9th or 10th snow day for my kids.  I’ve lost count.  And…they’ve canceled school for the remainder of the week.  Chad has been off of work since last week and who knows when they’ll get his compound plowed.  I’ve also lost count of how many hours my kids and husband have spent playing video games.  I hate video games, but right now I can’t think of any great alternatives.  We’ve played board games.  We’ve huddled around the fire and had a family room sleep-over (we had no power and there wasn’t really any other option).

The snow can stop now.  I think we’ve had enough.

I need a picture of the outside of our house to send in with our dossier.  I guess this one will have to do.

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