the faith of a child

In Mark 10 Jesus teaches about having the faith of a child when we come to Him.  I always watch my kids in wonder of their faith and I strive each day to believe like they do.

Seth has always lived in absolute terror of the dentist.  Like many autistic children, he has issues with absorbing calcium and his teeth show the damage.  For the first 8 years of his life, every dentist appointment was a traumatic experience for everyone involved and by about 6, he would have an all out panic attack and vomit uncontrollably when anyone even mentioned the word ‘dentist’.  Last spring a few of his teeth broke in a short time-span.  I prayed about how to deal with preparing him for what was coming and I started going through the Bible and teaching him scriptures on fear and on God’s promises of providing us with strength and courage when we need it.  He vomited in the dentist office parking lot, but we prayed in the waiting room and he did great.  When the dentist was done, Seth ran all over the office and told everyone that God gave him the courage to be there that day.  I was humbled, convicted, inspired, and awed by my child.

That leads me to today.  While going through our morning routine, the radio dj said that we were expecting 1-3 inches of snow.  No big deal.  Seth heard it, went to his room, dropped to his knees and prayed, “God, I’m begging you. Please let it snow lots and lots so I won’t have to go to school tomorrow.  Please, God.  Pretty please.  Amen!”  Well…the county just canceled all after school activities.  We’re expecting 4-6 inches of snow tonight and a possible blizzard on Thursday and Friday.  They just said that we could have up to FIVE FEET of snow by Saturday morning.

God loves Seth.

I want his kind of faith.

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