the beautiful young lady

I forgot to blog about this last week and I want to put it down   before it slips my mind.  The elementary school has early release on Mondays which allows Seth to have a couple of hours of alone time with Mama.  On January 4th, it was exceptionally cold out and we needed a few things from the grocery store.  I decided to just go after I picked up Seth because I’m a big baby about the cold and I didn’t want to get out twice.  I stopped at 7-11 to grab a cup of coffee and a slurpee for Seth before we went to Safeway.  Seth kept his heavy coat on, overheated and vomited his entire slurpee back into the cup from which he had just drank it.  While I was looking for a place to toss the cup of puke, an OOOLD lady walked by us leaning on her cart and dragging her feet.  I paused to look at her and thought how sad it was that someone wasn’t helping her do her shopping.  Before I could complete my thought, Seth took off in her direction.  He looked back over his shoulder as he reached her and announced, “I’m gonna give her a hug.”  I yelled, “ASK FIRST!”  He leans toward her and asks, “Can I give you a hug?”  She replied, “Huh?”  Seth, (loudly)”I’m going to hug you.”  Old lady, “Happy New Year to you too!”  Seth then pats her on the back and says, “I hope you grow up to be a beautiful young lady.”

The End

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