the blizzard

Well, I said I should be blogging more so I’m going for two in one day.  I’ve complained and complained about the fact that my kids have school all the way through the 23rd of December.  Who schedules school right up to Christmas Eve?  Despite my complaining, I filled my schedule for the week with Mama things to do and banked on the fact that the kids would not be around.  Well…Friday night it started snowing.  It did not stop until early Sunday morning and the measurements in our yard were anywhere from 20-30 inches by the time the storm had passed.  School got canceled for the entire week and now I’ve got to figure out how to finish up all my Christmas stuff and entertain the kids at the same time.  I’m not complaining.  We have a giant igloo in the front yard that was built with a recycling bin and we spent Sunday afternoon sledding at the golf course.  It’s gonna be a white Christmas!

One thought on “the blizzard

  1. Our public school has a half day weds. Im in college and we have finals up until that Wednesday, the last final ending at 10pm!! Now how is someone who lives far away supposed to make it home for Christmas??

    PS love the blog snow!

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