Giving Thanks

This past week was all about Thanksgiving and around this house we found ourselves giving thanks for an amazing man.  Chad’s grandparents played a big part in his upbringing.  He lived with them on occasion and when his grandfather saw him making bad choices in middle school, he paid for him to go to St. John’s Military School for all of his high school years.  I attribute so much of who he is today to the faith that his grandfather had in him and the opportunity that he provided.  Archie Calvaresi immigrated to America from Italy as a boy.  He came through Ellis Island with nothing and he truly lived out the American dream.  He taught us all what it meant to work hard, to set goals and strive for them, how to passionately stand up for what we believe, and how to show compassion and support to the family that God gives us.  We’re gonna miss you, Grandpa.

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