This is the day that I die.

Took some time to edit this morning. If you read the post yesterday, It’s better today. 🙂

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1. fullof conflicting emotionsorimpulses:

I am an American patriot. I am a Christian. I am conflicted.
Five days ago Paris was attacked by radical Muslims. Last night there was a “serious threat” of another attack in Germany. This year alone ISIS has claimed 65 beheadings of Christians and killed countless people in soft-target attacks. The nation of Saudi Arabia has beheaded at least 175 including children and persons with disabilities. ISIS has forced countless Yezidi women and children into sexual slavery. Boko Haram (also called ISWAP or the Islamic State’s West African Province) has killed thousands and is now considered the most deadly terrorists organization in the world.
For decades Syria has allowed itself to become a hotbed for terrorism. While all of the above atrocities were taking place, more than THREE MILLION

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One thought on “This is the day that I die.

  1. Becky Barry

    Good one Kaci,

    While I don’t live in fear, I do have prejudice! Not proud of it but it’s there. When I heard this morning that the president is thinking of more actions and boots on the ground, it made me want to puke. This country hasn’t finished the “job” on any conflict, war, un-declared war, since world war II or maybe Korea? The past will always bite us in the ass until some generation is willing to say enough.

    4 million Syrians have left the country. Obabamama wants all of us to believe they are widows and children……Not sure what channel he watches but what I see fleeing are young 20 something men who are cowards to stay and fight their own battle for a country and religion they BELIEVE in! I guess maybe they’ll go back, although the Katrina folks who were re-located have yet to leave Colorado or the Viet Namese that we hauled over here and gave them everything. The Syrian young men will go when they have blown up, killed and violated whom and what they can in the world. Unfortunately, they will live off all of us until that time of damage and evil is done and they martyr themselves taking more innocents with them..

    Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want to save the innocent children before they before raped and brain washed. We all would. I think the world leaders and those who follow my generation need to have a few protests in the good old fashion way of the Viet Nam world protests. March on Washington and let our voices be heard again.

    I don’t know scripture like you do but I still believe that passage that contains, “an eye for an eye”! It’s just to bad that the people who HATE America, are always the ones waiting for our troops, our money, our guns, our tanks and then judge us, and never leave a country, America, that has given so much!

    Sorry about the rant.

    You keep writing and I wish there were millions every day who received “Wave a White Flag” and then maybe I would feel less hopeless with my prejudices and the self loathing that follows.

    Love, Beck

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