Dear MG Becker,

Romans 12:14 Bless those who persecute you…


I woke up this morning feeling helpless. If only I could talk to General Becker. And then I remembered… I’m a writer.

MG Becker,

I am the wife of LTC Chad Calvaresi and I should have written this letter several weeks ago.

Yesterday you destroyed my husband’s career.

Chad left the meeting with you on Tuesday at peace. He thought that you had seen the truth and that you would act accordingly. Today, as he drives our son to college in Louisiana, we are separately trying to catch our breath from the punch to the gut your initials on the GOMOR delivered.

The accusations made against my husband, conspiracy and bribery, are criminal offenses. If there had been ANY evidence to substantiate wrongdoing on his part, he would have either been prosecuted by the ARMY under the UCMJ or by the DOJ. Both the ARMY and the DOJ declined prosecution not once, but TWICE. Yet, your predecessor made the decision to issue a letter carrying the potential to destroy both his military career and his post-military career. And then yesterday, based on a FORTY-FOUR MONTH fruitless investigation, you made the decision to initial that third box guaranteeing that his career is destroyed and that he will never get a job in any industry that wants or has access to his military record.

The biggest reason I wish I’d written this letter before you met with my husband is because I know him and you do not. Nearly twenty-two years ago I married the most honest and honorable man I’d ever met. I have always described him as “obnoxiously good”.  He has the strongest moral compass of anyone you could ever have the privilege of knowing and he ALWAYS stands up for what is right and condemns what is wrong. And… until December of 2011, he gave the Army and this nation all that he had without ever being disciplined or having his character called into question.

In 2010, just before we traveled to Serbia to adopt our youngest daughter, Chad was requested by name to fill the role of acquisition adviser to the G2. He had no idea what a minefield he was stepping into, but he was honored to accept the position. The stress of working around the corruption in the G2 nearly killed him. Four months before the false accusations were made against him, he became deathly ill and spent two weeks in the hospital. Doctor after doctor saw him and ran every test imaginable trying to find the root of what was making him so ill. They could find no explanation.

Several days into his hospital stay, with my Mother-in-law and I sitting in the room, P.O. (President of i3 ICS) walked into my husband’s hospital room and said, “Well, I guess I have to get you in the hospital in order to get a meeting with you.” I had never met the man before, but I knew exactly who he was.

If the federal investigators that came to our home and questioned me last fall had taken five minutes (it took me less than 5) to look into the relationship between CPT G.T. and P.O. they would have found that the two have been close friends for at least a decade. Their families socialize. G.T. is the one who made the initial accusations against Chad. G.T. also happened to have a desk right outside of the G2 General’s office the entire time my husband worked in the G2. For years G.T. had influenced the G2 in pushing money to i3 ICS on non-performing contracts. G.T. and P.O. did everything in their power to win Chad’s influence in pushing money to those contracts. When he refused to participate, he became mysteriously ill. When he returned to work after his hospitalization and still refused to participate in their game of corruption, they did what they knew was the quickest way to get him out of the G2.  They accused him of conspiracy and bribery. The timing was brilliant. The most honest SES in the G2 was hospitalized at Johns Hopkins fighting cancer and with he and Chad both out of the office they were able to quickly make A LOT of money.

I’ve shared the story of the last several years with Congressmen, the AP intelligence reporter, publishers, a movie producer, and the thousands of people who read my blog. The truth will be exposed. 2 Corinthians 4:6 “Let there be light in the darkness.”

God promised, “All things will work together for the good of those who love Him…” My husband and I love Him dearly and we believe that even if we can’t see it at this moment, He is working it all together for our good. Good WILL come from this mess.

Despite the career-destroying decision you made yesterday, we have to somehow look at our four children and tell them standing up for what is right and good will be rewarded. So we HAVE TO find the good in this and we have to believe that God has far better plans for our family than any future the Army could have provided.  I have to pray and believe that the honest, honorable man I married in 1994 will not forget who he is. I have to hope that he will not allow the words you signed your name to this week to define him.

General Becker, I forgive you and I pray that you and your family NEVER experience the hell that ours has endured for the last four years.

Be Blessed.

Kaci Calvaresi

6 thoughts on “Dear MG Becker,

  1. And the truth shall set you free! Bless your heart for standing up for what’s right. Corruption like this makes me sick. I’m sorry you and your family were affected by someone’s greed. I have faith that our good Lord will take care of you.

  2. Becky

    Hi Kaci, Chad and kids, you can move forward now and know that with this site and all those passing on the info, Chad will be honored! We thank him and all the others who have fought for our freedom every day!
    Hang tough

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