have you ever ate the sea?

Sofija has this new fascination with going through the pantry and reading every single label on every single package.  Out loud.  It’s quite annoying precious.

For the last two days she’s been sick.  She and her sister and her big brother are all sick. I started suspecting yesterday that they have strep so I made appointments for all three of them to see the doctor this morning.  While we were sitting there waiting for the results of the rapid strep tests, Sofija threw her hands up and announced, “I want to eat the sea!”  I asked her if she was just being silly.  She responded by throwing her hands up again and exclaiming, “No!  I want to eat OF THE SEA!”  As I sat there wondering if the pediatrician was thinking that my daughter is completely out of touch with reality, she said it again.  “I want to eat OF THE SEA.”  At that point I asked her if she was talking about tuna.  “Yes, Mama!  I want to eat tuna OF THE SEA.”  Remember that episode of Newlyweds where Jessica Simpson didn’t know that Chicken of the Sea was tuna? Yep.  That’s exactly where my mind went.  Sofija knew it was tuna.  Just sayin’.

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